Aviation Engine Inspection
OD5.5mm Aviation Inspection


Adronic Aviation Inspection Scope is a special design for inspecting blades and for general aviation inspection purposes. It will enable the aviation user to see the bottom of the blade inside the turbine and inspect the target within the narrow and intricate area by making a video or snapshot, including a voice recording. 


Scope of application 

Adrolook aviation inspection scope is a special design for inspecting the restricted area of the burning chamber and blade and for all general aviation purposes.   The Articulation Scope rotates 360° and its bending angle is up to 180°, it enables the user to inspect the area inside the burning chamber. The Side-view Rigid scope has 450,000 high quality image pixels and unique lens design allows users to see the bottom within its best focus distance.



Burning Chamber inspection

ADRONIC OD5.5mm metal-braided type articulation scope features high durability. It is rugged enough to sustain the friction when insert into rough or abrasive inspection area. With the hardness feature of metal-braid, it could be pushed easily through narrow and restricted paths.

Our metal-braided articulation probe is highly durable.  It could be used to inspect difficult areas like the burning chamber of aircraft or power stations.


Inspection for the bottom of the blade

ADRONIC OD6.5mm 90 degrees side view rigid probe could be used to inspect the blades inside the compressor and turbine. Our 90 degree side view rigid probe is unique because the lens to the camera head-edge is only 4mm in diameter, which enables users to inspect the bottom of the blade by making video or snapshot, including voice recording.



V70 Adronic Video Endoscope System

V70 Adronic Video Endoscope System is targeting and application field like inspection, maintenance as well as monitoring. V70 Adronic Video Endoscope System is compatible to all type of made by Adronic Endoscope inspection probe including Optical fiber scope and Cmos camera scope. The diversity of probe out diameter from 0.8mm upto 50mm. No need additional software, just attached Adronic probe direct to V70 Adronic Video Endoscope System which support Snapshot, video recording, replay video, USB plug and play, audio recording (on or off), Zoom in and Zoom out. The picture quality is with 5 Million (selectable). User will very much love V70 Adronic Video Endoscope System. 


Product Item




Probe type


Articulation Scope






Side view Rigid Scope






Side view Rigid Scope







Set Accessory

13.5V Power charger / 4GB Micro SD Card / USB Cable / IR Remote control /

    User manual /Carry Case / Cleaning Cloth / Cleaning Stick

Extension probe 1 meter length 

Optional Accessory

13.5V Battery Backup Station / OD5.5mm Mirror: Degree35°~70° / 45°~90° / 55°~110°


V70-AR31 Aviation Inspection

Model Name:V70-AR31

This scope is a unique design for aviation industry to inspect

components such as blade, turbine and compressor in airplane.

The two-way bending angle allow user to inspect

the complicated structure of aircraft within restricted area.

V70 Display Unit Feature

7"digital LCD monitor, resolution (720x576)

Manual or with IR remote control to video recording and snapshot.

Support 12V and 3.7V power tube.

Foot pedal attachable to support Snapshot (Optional).

Support Audio and Video recording (MPEG4/AVI).

Support Snapshot (JPEG).

Support Fast Forward and Fast Rewind when replay the video.

Support 7 operation languages (English, German, Chinese, French,

   Russian, Korea, Japanese).

Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Running time up to 4 hours when full charge.

Illumination LED light adjustable.

USB port (1.1/2.0) allows user transfer data to PC.

Include 4GB SD card (Support SD card up to 32GB).

Power Charger: 100-240V AC in/ 13.5V DC out

Working temperature: -20°C~60°C.

OD6.5mm 90° Rigid Type Probe Feature

CMOS image sensor resolution

Diameter: OD6.0mm

Lens Supports 360° rotating

90° Rigid Type ProbeX2pcs

DOF: 7mm / 20-70mm

Resolution: 450,000pixels

LED: Super LED

FOV: 67°

Water Proof: IP57

Probe Type: Rigid Type Probe

Working length: 15cm/30cm/45cm/70cm

Detachable hand holder

OD5.5mm Metal Braided Articulation Probe Feature

CMOS image sensor resolution

Diameter: OD5.5mm

Resolution: 450,000 pixels

LED: Super LED

DOF: 20-70mm

FOV: 67°

Water Proof: IP57

Probe Type: Hard-wearing Metal Braided Probe

Working length: 2M

Bending angle up to 180°

Angle locker could fix the bending angle in any degree.

Highly durable metal braided neck.