Aviation Inspection Set
OD3.9mm Aviation Inspection Set
Adrolook aviation inspection scope is a special design for inspecting the restricted area of the burning chamber and blade, and for general aviation inspection purposes. The Articulation Scope rotates 360° and its bending angle on left and right is up to 180° , it enables the user to inspect the area inside the burning chamber. The Side-view Rigid scope has 450,000 high quality image pixels and a unique lens design that allows users to see the bottom within its best focus distance.
 Burning Chamber inspection


OD3.9mm metal-flexible articulation probe integrates the features of a metal-braided and flexible probe type. The metal-flexible probe is tough enough to sustain the friction when insert into a rough tube. After long term usage, the surface of probe would not be worn out but still smooth.


Additionally, the metal-flexible probe also features flexibility, especially OD3.9mm metal –flexible articulation probe. Due to its flexibility, it easily enters a tube with two 90 degree curves. It is not only flexible but also strong enough to be pushed into a rough tube and could be used for burning chamber inspection.



 Inspection for the bottom of the blade

Our OD6.5mm 90 degree side view rigid probe could be used to inspect the blades inside the compressor and turbine. Our 90 degree side view rigid probe is unique because the lens to the camera head-edge is only 4mm in diameter, which enables users to inspect the bottom of the blade by making a video or snapshot, including voice recording.











Product Photo Item
   V70-  7” Recording system


Product Photo Item Diameter DOF Resolution Probe type Length
Articulation Scope 3.9mm 10-50mm 400,000pixels Metal-Braided 1M
Side view Rigid Scope 6.5mm 7mm 450,000pixels Rigid 30cm
Side view Rigid Scope 6.5mm 20-70mm 450,000pixels Rigid 30cm



Set Accessory

Power charger / 4GB Micro SD Card / USB Cable / Remote control / user manual
Extension probe 1 meter length